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Why do three-day holidays create problems for drivers?

Vacationers look forward to holiday weekends since three days without work opens many doors to enjoyment. Tennessee tourism draws in visitors from far away, and local residents have many new things to enjoy. Having fun doesn’t mean everyone ignores responsibilities, though. Three-day weekends might even benefit from everyone being extra diligent, especially when driving. Accidents could increase when people become more concerned with things besides safe driving.

Holiday weekends bring dangers on the road

Holidays such as Independence Day lead people to think more about summer festivities than work or other responsibilities. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents and personal injury claims may spike once the festivities end. Thinking more about attending an outdoor concert or visiting a bar might lead to drifting thoughts on the road. Distracted driving, a troubling habit, could cause severe accidents.

Leaving a festive event intoxicated also increases the chances of a collision. Even someone who remains a responsible driver throughout the year could lapse when a holiday weekend arrives. A driver might not think much about getting behind the wheel after “only” drinking a few beers. A fatal collision with a pedestrian, bicyclist or another vehicle might reveal why such an attitude is a terrible one.

Tourists venturing into Tennessee or residents who travel across the state for a short vacation might not check their cars beforehand. A pre-trip vehicle inspection could uncover problems that might lead to a crash. Again, oversights and assumptions may result in regrettable outcomes.

More worries about three-day holidays

Travelers may take unfamiliar routes when going on a three-day vacation. Paying more attention to a GPS comes with the risk of not noticing other vehicles, and nervousness on strange roads might cause erratic driving behavior.

Impatience could overwhelm a vacationing driver, as well. An intention to get someone on time may result in road raging and moving violations when dealing with busy roads.

Drivers whose negligence hurts others may find themselves involved in a lawsuit. An insurance policy might not cover the damages caused by a massive accident.

An attorney could counsel accident victims about their legal options. The attorney may then represent clients in settlement negotiations.