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Slip-and-fall accidents could carry dire health repercussions

As you navigate through another party’s property, it may be difficult to tell what types of dangers might lie in your path. Fall-related hazards can appear in virtually any setting and may place your safety at significant risk, whether you are walking through a local grocery store, public park, or even a parking lot. 

Some slip-and-fall accidents might not prove hazardous in nature and may only leave you with minor scrapes and bruises. However, such incidents also have the potential to carry dire health repercussions that could take a devastating toll on your safety and well-being and diminish your quality of life. 

Severe fall-related injuries 

It could take little more than an uneven surface or a minor liquid spill to create a serious fall hazard, and accidents that occur due to the negligent actions of property owners could lead to various severe or life-changing injuries, such as: 

  • Head injuries:  Head injuries remain unfortunately common among slip-and-fall accident victims, and such conditions may range anywhere from minor to severe concussions to traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Spinal cord:  Similar incidents may also run the risk of causing you to suffer severe spinal cord damage, which could lead to a multitude of potential health complications, such as partial or complete paralysis. 
  • Bone fractures:  Bone fractures are another common example of fall-related injuries, and some types of fractures could impact your mobility and prompt a need for numerous medical procedures. 
  • Dislocations:  Shoulder and hip dislocations also remain a common concern with similar incidents, and such health concerns run the risk of causing long-term or permanent pain and suffering. 
  • Muscles and ligaments:  Slip-and-fall accidents could also cause strains and tears to your muscles and ligaments, which can be exceedingly painful and could lead to a long road to recovery. 

Studies also indicate that nerve damage remains common among slip-and-fall victims in Tennessee, and such injuries could lead to a variety of long-term or permanent health complications. 

After a fall 

Slip-and-fall hazards can take on various forms, and it might not always be easy to spot a safety threat in time to prevent the unthinkable. Suffering serious or permanent injuries in such an incident can be a harrowing experience, and the fallout thereof could prompt various changes in your life. If the incident stems from another party’s negligent behavior, you might find the outcome difficult to accept, and you might have questions about your options and on how to prepare to safeguard your future interests.