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What not to do after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience that can leave you feeling confused and not knowing what to do, especially if your injuries are not immediately clear. Still, you need medical attention to be sure.

It is easy to make mistakes in times like these because you are not thinking about the future. However, suppose maybe there will be a lawsuit or a settlement with an insurance company or an individual. In that case, knowing what not to do after a car accident is vital.

Do not forget to call 911

Calling the police is the most urgent thing you must do. Many people do not realize that you could still be injured even if your injuries are not evident.

In addition, the other driver or anyone involved in the crash could also need help and medical attention.

Do not leave the scene

No matter how minor the accident, never leave the scene. Doing so can get you in trouble with the law. If your vehicle is in the middle of the road and you can move it, be sure to move it to the side of the road.

Do not admit fault

No matter what happened in the accident, do not admit fault. You must not say anything that may implicate that you were responsible. Call an attorney and get representation as soon as possible.

Do not skip medical attention

Even if you do not have a scratch on your body, you could have sustained injuries. Ensure you receive medical attention immediately after the authorities arrive, either from them or by going to a hospital.

Do not forget the insurance company

Notify the insurance company of the accident. Delays can cause them to deny your claim. Give them enough information to be factual, but do not give them any recorded statements unless your attorney tells you to do so.

Getting involved in an accident is a traumatizing experience, regardless of whether you sustained injuries. Even if the accident seems minor, get medical attention immediately, call the police, never leave the scene until authorities allow you to and call your insurance company as soon as you can after getting medical attention.