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Effective Representation In Employment Law Litigation

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When the relationship between employer and employee breaks down and a lawsuit becomes a part of the picture, the most effective solutions may only be found with seasoned legal guidance.

At TAYLOR Law Firm, we have extensive experience assisting employers and employees with resolving issues such as:

  • Wage and hour claims — Single employee and collective action disputes regarding overtime, employee classification, what constitutes compensable work activity and other issues can create very serious disputes between employers and employees. We have extensive experience in successfully resolving and litigating wage and hour claims.
  • Discrimination — There are many different types of discrimination claims, including race, gender, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy and veterans. Our lawyers have decades of experience counseling clients and litigating on their behalf in each of these areas of state and federal discrimination law.
  • Harassment — Claims of sexual harassment, hostile work environment and harassment based on other protected classes require experienced legal advocacy to ensure your rights are protected. We have experience providing such legal services.
  • Wrongful termination — Was there an employment contract in place? Was the terminated employee a member of a protected class, or on protected leave of absence? We can examine all of the issues that can be part of a wrongful termination lawsuit and take appropriate action to prevent, resolve or litigate claims on our client’s behalf.

Our firm has extensive experience in representing the interests of employers and employees throughout our area. We know our local industries and how to offer real help to employers and employees when the above issues are resolvable only through litigation.

Decades Of Experience Protecting Our Clients’ Rights

At TAYLOR LAW FIRM, our attorneys offer decades of experience and skill to employers and employees in Tennessee who are facing difficult employment law situations.

We are committed to helping our clients secure the most effective and efficient resolutions to whatever routine or complex legal matters they are facing. Our strength and reputation as litigators allows us to build and present strong cases that will protect your rights and your interests.

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