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Making The Workers’ Compensation System Work For Your Business

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While the system of workers’ compensation can limit an employer’s liability, it can also be a significant expense for businesses. At TAYLOR LAW FIRM, we are committed to ensuring that our business owners and carrier clients are treated fairly within Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law.

Protect Your Rights And Minimize Liability

Workers’ compensation claims can have a huge impact on your cost of doing business. As your advocates, our goal is to minimize your workers’ compensation costs and any litigation expenses. We are skilled at conducting thorough investigations, collecting all relevant evidence, defending you through litigation and working strategically with the employer and carrier as a team to efficiently resolve claims as quickly as possible. Our employer and carrier clients strive to take care of the injured worker to the full extent of the workers compensation law; however, when a baseless claim is filed against our clients, they always know our lawyers and staff can be counted on to aggressively defend such claims.

Our team is experienced in a wide range of workers’ compensation issues involving:

  • Compensability of Workers Compensation Claims
  • Causation and Notice issues
  • Procedural aspects of a claim before the Tennessee Bureau of Workers Compensation
  • Serious injury and wrongful death claims
  • Claims related to interplay of workers compensation and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA)
  • Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Act and defenses under the Workers Compensation Law
  • Trials and appellate court proceedings

We encourage business owners and carriers to aggressively defend against baseless and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims or other employee claims. Employers should not have to tolerate fraudulent claims and the damage they can do to their businesses.

Our firm collaborates with our business clients and carriers to streamline the process of dealing with any workers’ compensation claims so that they cause the least disruption, cost and adverse effect on employee morale.

Our lawyers and staff understand that the quick resolution of valid claims and responsive medical treatment are the best ways to get an employee back to work. We provide advocacy that is helpful both to injured workers as well as your bottom line.

Workers’ Compensation Defense For Your Business — Handling Claims With Respect And Integrity

A workplace injury does not have to be a threat to your business. Let us help. Call TAYLOR LAW FIRM at 423-586-6812 or contact us by email to schedule an initial consultation.