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Two most common reasons for job related injuries during the summer

Summertime can pose a unique set of risks for workers. The increase in temperatures paired with the potential need to add on additional seasonal help can result in a higher risk of injury.

#1: The dangers that come with a change in weather.

Heat is the most obvious weather component to plan for during summertime months. Encourage breaks, make sure water is easily accessible, and try to schedule manual labor during the cooler morning and evening hours if possible. Another less obvious weather issue during summer is the potential for extreme weather. Tornados, flash flooding, and thunderstorms with dangerous lightning strikes can pose a serious risk to worker safety.

It is also important to note that certain roadways in Tennessee become particularly busy in summertime months. People headed to Nashville to enjoy a show or taking a major highway to get to the beach for a weekend getaway can lead to traffic jams and increase the likelihood of a crash. This is something to plan around if your business includes driving. If possible, try to plan around peak traffic hours.

#2: The risks associated with seasonal help.

An increase in staffing needs is common for certain markets in the summertime months. This can include seasonal restaurants, staff at pools and outdoor venues as well as tourist locations. Whatever the reason for the increased staffing demands it is also important to note that these seasonal or short-term workers are likely not as experienced as your long-term staff.

With inexperience can come a greater risk of injury. Employers and employees alike can mitigate this risk by becoming familiar with safety measures and company policies.